Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hello there, I have decided to start a new blog to record my ups and downs and also
to help me keep track of things and of my life.
I haven't have time to make changes to default theme and plain boring background
Recently, I flew to Melbourne, Australia to look for my sister and also
to escape from Singapore after finishing my last O level paper, the science MCQ.
Since it was only an hour, I had plenty of time since my flight was at 10P.M
Took a two hour nap, or I should say *cough* I slept for two hours.
After waking up, I went to pack my luggage. 
I did my "homework" and checked the weather forecast while packing my luggage.
Thinking that it is still spring, why not I just pack some shorts and short sleeved shirt
since it might get quite warm if I packed long sleeves also, since it was last minute packing
my long sleeve shirts are all not washed and I did not want to pack them.
After packing, we quickly finished our dinner and headed to the airport.
I would say this trip has taught me many things, that you can't learn from the textbook.
I shall list down the many troubles that I have met.
Firstly, I booked my tickets on impulse (perhaps, hastily) 
Because of that, I probably missed out on the "instructions" on the website.
I left out my chinese name aka my first name. 
so it was processed as velene yeoh on my airticket which is not what it is like on 
my passport. Only after my receipt was emailed to my email did I realise my mistake.
So I called up emirates to make and enquiry regarding the name change. 
Because I paid via E-nets, and also because Dubai was having a whole week of holiday
I did not receive my E-ticket and they did not receive my payment so it was considered
my ticket was under reservation but not confirmed. 
I was of course, afraid. I was scared that the payment did not go through 
or might have gone somewhere else. So I called up emirates almost everyday 
for approximately 8-9 days spending about one hour daily. 
It was definitely frustrating. Some of the staff at the call centre over at emirates
are not very helpful which really irritated me. 
They just wouldn't assist me with the name change I needed.
One of the staff simply told me " oh its not possible to get it done, at all." 
I felt angry, angry at myself for the mistake and also angry at the staff.
While the others told me, they will have to charge me at 100 dollars to get it changed.
I did not want to pay to get it changed but I knew that if I don't I might have to 
go through even more unnecessary trouble. 
Fortunately, I called through a lady at emirates who was willing to try to help me
process my request to get my name changed. 
She wrote in to different departments to see if they could do anything to help.
I am really thankful for her effort to write in to other department to ask for help since 
it wasn't within my means, its not like I could directly contact the other departments.
However, even after she wrote in, the name change wasn't processed. 
Finally I called in and told the last staff at the call centre firmly 
that I would not pay for the name change and its not my fault since
I called in even before the ticket was issued so they should be able to get it changed
but they did not do so and let the ticket get processed.
Tadah! Finally, the ticket was amended and issued.
Secondly, After checking in online, I headed to the emirates counter at the airport
to check in my baggage. Who would have known? Part two of my list of unfortunate events. 
I did not apply for visa to enter Australia, I didn't even know that we need a visa to enter.
I swear,  my jaws dropped immediately on the spot. 
But fortunately the staff at the counter told me that I could get an e-visa for fifty dollars.
phew! I did not mention that I was flying to Melbourne did I?
I will leave my part three of my list of unfortunate events in another post, when I blog about
how i spent my days there! 
Moral of the story? Never book your air ticket hastily! Do your research before flying.